Instructions with regard to term end question paper for under graduate and five year integrated programmes session 2017

Term End Examination Scheme for theory part
Total Units 4 Total marks per unit 15 Total marks: 60
1-2-4-8 Model for distribution of marks

For each unit, 1 mark shall be awarded for attendance
(1 x 4= 4 marks)

For each unit, 2 marks shall be awarded for two objective type questions
(2 x 4= 8 marks)

For each unit, 4 marks shall be awarded for Applied Questions
(4 x 4= 16 marks)

For each unit, 8 marks shall be awarded for Descriptive Questions
(4 x 8 = 32 marks)

As per the above pattern the question paper setter shall be set for 56 Marks only and 04 marks shall be awarded for attendance.

The Question Paper of the Term End Examination shall have questions of three types:

1.  6 Long Answer Type Questions out of which candidate will be asked to attempt 4.

2.  6 Problem Solving Type Questions out of which candidates will be asked to attempt 4.

3.  8 Objective Type Questions with suggested options of answers. (All Compulsory)

For the first two sections of the Question Paper (containing Long and Problem-Solving Type Questions) four questions shall be based on four different units of the syllabus. The additional two questions in the two sections shall be set in such a manner so that all the 4 units of syllabus are covered. That is if the additional two questions in Long Answer Question Section are from Units I & II, the additional two questions in the Problem-Solving Question Section shall be from Unit IIIrd and IVth.

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